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Top 5 Wildlife Photography Ideas

You don’t have to be a professional photographer to click the close shots of wildlife. All you need is a DSLR camera and a few tips to help you spot wildlife. These give you the best shots standing away at a few distances. I hope these Wildlife Photography Ideas get you the perfect shot you are looking for. 

1. Click Beautiful Butterflies 

Butterflies make beautiful photographic subjects at any time of the year. They have different species and differ amid countries. So, capturing this gorgeous creature as wildlife Photography Ideas in your camera specifically when they are emerging looks great. 

Image by kie-ker from Pixabay

Stalking a beautiful butterfly in motion can be tough but with the macro image you can say “WOW”. Practice this macro skill and get a candid picture of the beautiful bird. 

But do a bit of research on the bird and learn their character. Knowing its character you know exactly where and how to click. 

2. Capture The Arrogant Tigers Through Vegetation And Bush 

Want to capture the most aggressive animal in the jungle? Then here you go. Shooting this beautiful animal on your camera is challenging. 

Image by Andreas Breitling from Pixabay

Mostly photographers commit the mistake of continually focusing on the background and branch to get the close shot of the animal through vegetation and bush is setting your camera’s focal point to the minimum possible focal point. You have to set the point manually. 

Adjusting the focal point of your camera in respect to wildlife Photography Ideas gives you exactly the best shot during your Tiger Photography Safari. 

3. Shooting Mr. Fox 

Mostly considered as an urban blot yet red foxes make some natural breathtaking Photography Ideas. 

Image by David Mark from Pixabay

Again learn the behavior of this carnivore and get your hands on it. Manually adjust your camera into CF (Continuous Focus). This helps you stay focused on the animal when it is in motion. Ensure the AF (Auto Focus) mode locks into the fox’s face while clicking the picture. 

Zoom telephoto lens (70 to 300) mm or (100 to 400) mm to cover the possible situations with NO change in your camera lens. For a frame, burst sticks to C (Continuous) mode. 

4. Take Pictures Of The King of The Jungle  

No clicking Lions on African Safari will leave you like something missing from your trip. To get the closest shot of the animal focus on its eye. 

Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay

Believe or not focusing primarily on the eyes gives life to the picture. And viewers will notice it at first sight if the focus on eyes is NOT perfect. 

To get some wide shots of the animal Zoom your camera lens so that it captures the animal more and lesser on the landscape. Additionally, check the lighting for:

  • Quality
  • Color &
  • Perfect Angle

With these Photography Ideas, you can get the best shot. 

5. Click The Big Animal 

Fill your camera with beautiful pictures of the big animal. Just capture their natural behavior on your camera using the “Fast Shutter Speed” to freeze its motion. Further click with traditional composition rules for better impact. 

Image by Dariusz Labuda from Pixabay

You can Zoom in your camera lens to get the closest look at the animal’s beautiful skin and innocent eyes. This simply looks incredible. 

And if you are looking for unique Photography Ideas on elephants then try out the black & white option. No, you don’t have to adjust your camera….you can simply do that by making a bit of adjustment on the computer going back home. 

Summary: On your next wildlife safari use these Photography Ideas to capture the closest shots of different animals and enjoy sharing it on the social networking sites. 


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