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Top 5 Latest Makeup Ideas

Give yourself a new look at the beginning of a new year. Whether you want to keep your look natural or wild or simple these makeup ideas are in trend now. These makeup collections will widen your thoughts and help you get ready for upcoming parties. Pick up your preferred makeup option now.  

Smoky Eyes

Classic smoky eyes are a hit every time. The super blend of shimmery and matte shades makes this one of the hottest makeup ideas for your beautiful eyes.

Image by croisy from Pixabay

Smoky eyes look the best for all shapes of eyes including:

  • Upturned
  • Downturned
  • Hooded
  • Round
  • Small

And remember the smoky eye makeup varies for every eye shape. The perfect way to learn and apply the makeup will simply give your eyes a dramatic look. By doing it perfectly you are giving life to this gorgeous eye makeup. 

Bright Mascara Eye Makeup 

Give your black mascara a break this time! In the list of top makeup ideas, bright mascara is trending now. Your eyes look gorgeous with this colorful mascara and of course, attract those who are tired of seeing you in the age-old black mascara thing. 

Image by sallina13 from Pixabay

Pink looks gorgeous but you can apply green or deep-blue mascara as a substitute. For better impact blend the mascara with concealer to get the same color you apply on the lid. They appear neutral indeed.

Mix yellow eye shadow with hot flush and blush on your cheeks to get this trendy look. 

No Makeup “Makeup” Look… Just Natural 

Keep your natural beauty with this trending No Makeup Look. It keeps your natural beauty intact and just the perfect thing for:

  • Quick Mornings
  • Lazy Days &
  • Casual Weekends

The advantage with No makeup ideas is it just takes lesser than 10 minutes to get ready. Just using a few important items like:

  • Primer
  • Backlight priming filter
  • Highlighting shade
  • Powder using brush
  • Pen your brows
  • Curl your lashes
  • Natural lip liner and lip gloss

You look fresh and pretty. If you want you can wear Mascara or Full Lipstick as well. 

Watercolor Eyes

The newest trend in the list of eye makeup ideas is beautiful Watercolor Eyes. Just look into this picture and imagine how you will look wearing them. This gorgeous eye makeup looks good in spring. 

Image by Daniel Hannah from Pixabay

Take a soft brush and apply your favorite eye shadow into the crease and lids. Now take your blending brush to create the dramatic look soft colors around your beautiful eyes. If you want you can further add lavender and lilacs eye shadows and create the trendiest look ever. 

Amaze everyone with this newest eye makeup and be ready to get compliments. 

Fresh Skin & Accent Inner-Corners 

For simple but attractive looks try out this latest makeup! 

Image by Alexandr Ivanov from Pixabay

Just some color and you can get the much needed gorgeous look ever. Stay focused on the neutral eye and fresh clean skin. To appear glossy and fresh apply:

  • Brightening Booster
  • Concealer &
  • Foundation (it should match with your skin texture)

These easy steps give you a flawless look and just pop up the inner corners with a bit of color. As you can see in the picture the yellow color looks gorgeous. This is the best makeup idea for a trendy look. 

Summary: Look for the latest makeup ideas for your beautiful eyes and face including the no-makeup look keeping your beauty natural.


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