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Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Smart Watch: My Perspective

Hello,  today I am going to review a smartwatch that can be used with an Apple device or an Android device. This device is the Samsung Gear S3 Frontier.

The packaging is of cylinder type(not box type).  

The device which I have only supported Bluetooth. There is another version with both Bluetooth and LTE support.

When unboxing you will first see the device. It is attached to the charging dock. Then you will see the world adaptor (charger with I am micro USB  male port). In addition to that, you will find an extra strap with the paperwork (user manual,  and manufacture details).

I feel the build quality of this device is acceptable. I was able to feel it as soon as I unboxed the device.  The straps of this device have a standard size, so you can replace them with another set of straps in the market.  The default strap is made of active silicon and it is comfortable to wear.  Most of the body parts of this device are made of steel.  The front and back of this device are made of  Gorilla Glass for extra protection.  Due to the build quality of this device,  I feel this can be used in any tough condition for a long period of time (high durability).

Now let’s pay attention to the setup of this smartwatch. Two buttons are located towards the right side of the device.  The topmost is the “Power” button. The other one is the “Back” button.   both buttons have a  rough surface (compared to the frame). Due to this, you can feel these buttons even in the dark.

You can find a rotatable ring on the front side of the smartwatch.  This access navigation panel (i.e:  when you rotate it this screen will change). This is more convenient than using the finger to touch the screen because you can see the whole screen while rotating the ring. 

If you look towards the edge of the device (sides),  you will be able to find the speaker and microphone.  The heart rate sensor at the back of the device(towards the middle).  With the help of that sensor and other sensors,  you can track some of your most important health measures such as workout efficiency, heart rate monitoring, and sleep tracking.

When you turn on the device it will give you on-screen instructions to connect this device with your smartphone.  The operating system is made by the Samsung company and it is called “Tizen” (even though it feels like the Android wear Operating System). 

You need to download the Samsung Gear application (from Google Play Store Apple app store)  to unlock all the features of this device. Once you do that,  it will ask for the necessary permissions to show you notifications related to the applications installed on the phone.  You can enable or disable notifications per application.  Moreover, you can monitor the status of your smartwatch through your mobile phone such as the battery percentage,  RAM usage and storage capacity.  Also, you will be able to find some pre-installed watch faces inside the application (there is a  gallery of watch faces some are free and some are paid).

If you want to locate the phone using this smartwatch and vice versa,  you can easily do that using the “Find my device” option.

There are multiple apps that you can download and install into your Smartwatch (as long as the memory capacity is not exceeded).

A 380mAh battery is included in the Smartwatch.  The screen behaves in the “always-on”  mode.  Once this device is connected to the phone (using Bluetooth),  I was able to use it for about 1 to 2 days.  Thanks to the embedded GPS  tracker, I can easily use the smartphone as a navigation device.  The display size is 1.3 inches (Super AMOLED display). The screen resolution is 360 x 360 pixels while the pixel density is 278.  Due to these characteristics, even small letters can be seen very clearly. Exynos 7 Dual 7270 chipset is included here.  The storage capacity is 4GB and the  RAM capacity is 768 MB.  Other than the heart sensor this device has a barometer, an accelerometer, and a gyro sensor.

I see this Smartwatch as an “all in one package” for a normal user because of the rigid design,  build quality, durability, and ability to track fitness activities.

What do you think about this device? Please share your thoughts in the comments section.


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