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Note 10+ vs Note 20 Ultra – My Experience

Today I am going to compare two Samsung flagship devices that are released in 2019 and 2020. Those are Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ and Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

This post will be important if you own a Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ and thinking about upgrading your phone.  In this post, we will be discussing the features, technical specifications, and user experience of these devices.

This photo was taken from the front side.

Can you identify the phones? I guess not, because the appearance is almost the same. However, the devices can be identified by looking at the back cover because the camera setup is different.

The camera setup of Note 20 Ultra is bigger than Note 10+.

Both devices of the same width. But the height is different (about 2mm). Normally the height difference is not noticeable.

In Samsung Galaxy Note 10+, the power button and the volume rocker is located on the left side. When it comes to Note 20 Ultra, it can be found on the right side. Both phones have a USB type C port. A dual stereo speaker is also included. the “S Pen” is mounted at the bottom of the device.

Even though we are unable to notice a change in the display, they are technically different. The Galaxy Note 10+ has a 6.8-inch display wild Galaxy Note 20 Ultra has a 6.9-inch display. Screen resolution is not noticeable for the human eye even though they are technically different (1440 x 3040 pixels in Note 10+ / 1440 x 3088 pixels in Note 20 Ultra).

I tested this with multiple images and videos but the display performance and color accuracy is almost the same.

The refresh rate of Note 10+ and Note 20 Ultra is 60Hz and 120Hz respectively. To observe this difference you need to play a game that supports a 120Hz refresh rate. In normal circumstances, this cannot be noticed.

Now I’d like to pay attention to the cameras of these devices.  Both devices have a 10MP selfie camera and this is designed as a punch-hole camera.  Based on my observation both phones produced good quality images captured from the selfie camera.

This is my favorite part –  the main camera setup. If you observe the back of these devices you will be able to find a triple camera setup in both devices.

Note 10+ has a 16MP ultra-wide lens, 12MP wide-angle lens, and 12MP telephoto lens.  When it comes to the Note 20 Ultra,  you will see the same specifications in the telephoto lens, but the ultra-wide lens and the wide-angle lens are of 12MP and 108MP respectively.

Note 10+ supports 10x zoom while the Note 20 Ultra is capable of supporting zooming up to 50x.

Based on these capabilities (MP value of the main camera and the zooming capability), undoubtedly we can choose the Note 20 ultra if you are a mobile photographer.

For your reference, I will be including a sample image taken from these two devices.

When it comes to the video recording the Note 10+ is only capable of supporting video recording up to 4K in quality.  But in the Note 20 Ultra, you can record videos in 8K video quality.

The note 10+  is available with either 256GB or 512GB internal storage. in both variations, the RAM is the same (12GB).  The Note 20 Ultra can be purchased with the same internal capacity but with a different RAM (8GB). Only 4G  is supported in Note 10+,  but the Note 20 Ultra supports both 4G and 5G.

Both devices are capable of supporting two biometric authentication mechanisms (face ID and fingerprint scanner). 

When it comes to the S Pen, I felt that the accuracy in Note 20 Ultra is comparatively higher than the other device.

Apart from that, the overall User experience was the same. I have tried multiple games video player and internet browsers using both these devices but the performance was the same (based on my observation).

Even though these two devices have different battery capacities (4300 mAh in Note 10+ and 4500 mAh in Note 20 Ultra),  the average usage time is almost the same. Both devices support fast charging and I was able to recharge within the same amount of time. 

If you are looking for the latest smartphone, then you should choose Note 20 Ultra.  However, if you want to value the value for money, then you need to compare and contrast these two devices. 

I hope this post will help you do that.


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