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My Review After 3 Months – Samsung Galaxy A51

Hello everyone! Today I am going to share 3 months review about a mobile phone which I used as my secondary device.

About 3 months ago I was able to purchase the Samsung Galaxy A51 device.

The back of this device has a 3D graphic design. This is one of the unique designs I have seen in the Samsung devices I have used so far.

Even though this is a mid-range device the camera setup is designed to give a premium look (the main camera setup is a quad camera setup).  However, the back cover is made of plastic. 

I feel the Samsung has offered a premium quality display even for this mid-range device. A 6.5 inch Super AMOLED display can be found here. Based on my experience, the brightness, contrast, color accuracy, and refresh rate is acceptable and satisfactory. The display is clearly visible even outdoors as well. 

The touch responsiveness of the screen is excellent. An in-display fingerprint scanner can be found in the device but based on my experience the responsiveness and accuracy can be further improved (compared to the other devices in this price range).

The display is detected using Corning Gorilla Glass 3.

My favorite option is the camera setup. This device has a second camera setup.  The main camera,  depth sensor, macro lens, and ultra-wide lens are 48MP, 5MP, 5MP, and 12MP respectively.

The camera quality is acceptable to me. The photo is further enhanced and displayed using the super AMOLED  screen.  The exposure, dynamic range, and color accuracy of the camera is acceptable for this value of the device.

Moreover, the night mode is capable of capturing detailed images at night. Here is a sample.

Here is a comparison between the images taken using the normal mode and the ultrawide mode.

Now let’s talk about the video recording capability. 4K videos can be recorded at 30fps. For me this quality is sufficient because most of the time I use these videos in my social media accounts. But if you are a heavy videographer,  then you might find some alternative to this device. If you want to record your videos with maximum image stability (I mean the image capturing quality),  then you should turn on the “ultra-steady” mode.  please keep in mind that this “ultra-steady” mode is not suitable for night mode video recording.

When we pay attention to the selfie camera (this is mounted as a punch-hole camera), we can find a 32MP  camera. Based on my experience the photos captured using the selfie camera are of sufficient quality.  Even in dark environments, the selfie camera is capable of capturing good quality images.

By default, this comes with the Android 10 operating system. The display refresh rate is 60Hz  but when it is combined with the One UI, graphics very smooth when navigating between applications.

Exynos 9611 chipset is included in this device but if Samsung used a Qualcomm Snapdragon 730 chipset, they could have given more performance improvement in this device (this is my personal opinion). 

If you were using this phone to play games I don’t think you will get the most out of it (this is because this device comes with a RAM of either 4GB or 8GB RAM). The internal storage capacity can be either 64 GB or 128GB, but the device supports having a memory card as well so internal storage capacity can be easily extended using your memory card. 

The capacity of the battery is 4000 mAh and it supports 15W fast charging. The same type was found in the A50 as well (previous device). I feel that Samsung could have improved this aspect as well (by improving the battery capacity and supporting at least 22W fast charging). It takes about 1 hour and 50 minutes to fully charge the device because of the fast charging capability but  I said earlier,  this time can be reduced if they have support for fast charging with higher wattage.

Here is the result of my (battery charging) experiment.

  • 30 minutes: 32% charge
  • 60 minutes: 63% charge
  • 90 minutes: 86% charge
  • 110 minutes: 100% charge

The main speaker can be found at the bottom of the device but for me, the sound experience could be further improved if they have included a dual speaker setup.  You will notice this when playing a game or watching a movie using this device.

A 3.5 mm audio jack can be also found in this device if you are a fan of headphones.

Based on my experience I feel that this device is best for ladies or casual users (who don’t demand much performance and multitasking)  because of the appearance and the camera setup. For gamers and heavy users, it’s a no from me. You have better alternatives.

Now I have given you my observations and my verdict about this device after using it for about three months. I would like to know your thoughts about this device. Leave a comment and let me know.


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