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My Experience With Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

Hello there! Today I would like to share my experience and opinion about the Galaxy watch active 2  by Samsung.  If you own this device are planning to do so,  then this post will be very useful for you.

If you want an elevator pitch about this smartwatch I would say ” it is one of the best combinations of a smartwatch and fitness tracker”.

Let’s begin with the unboxing of this device (this device comes in two sizes –  44 mm and 40mm, I have the watch which has a 44 mm screen). 

You can find both Bluetooth supported version and LTE supported version.

As soon as you unbox you will be able to see the device. Then you will see the wireless charging dock (this comes with a standard USB port).  The smartwatch supports wireless charging.

It’s the time going to power on this device. Then I was able to see step by step instructions which helped me to quickly set up and pair the smartwatch with my mobile phone. You need to have Samsung Galaxy watch 2 application installed on your mobile phone (this is freely available in the Google Play Store or Apple app store).  It will take about 1 or 2 minutes to initiate the connection between the phone and the watch. After that, you will be able to control you are smartwatch using the interface provided in the smartphone.

With the help of this mobile application, you will be able to customize the notifications that should be sent to the smartwatch.  If you are addicted to your mobile device I would suggest just enable phone call notification and message in notification. 

The mobile application nice capable of showing the remaining battery percentage of the smartwatch,  storage analysis, and other useful information. Also, you can easily configure the graphical user interface of your Smartwatch using the smartphone application. You can even change the order of the applications as well.  In addition to that, there are many useful widgets available and you can pick and choose any specific widget based on your need.

The build quality of the Smartwatch is satisfactory (due to the elegant but robust design). If you have seen my article about Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Smart Watch,  there was a physical ring that can be used to navigate between applications. However, in this device, you don’t find a physical ring. Instead, you will find the virtual ring (the circular age of the display is acting as the virtual ring).  Personally, I really like this feature by Samsung because it offers more convenient navigation. As you can see it becomes hard to touch and open applications on a small screen.

The display of the Smartwatch is a super AMOLED, always-on display.  The resolution is 360×360.  the internal storage capacity of this device is 4GB and the RAM capacity is 768 MB.

Dust and water-resistant facility is available.  The operating system of this device is a Tizen based OS by Samsung.  The battery of this device has a capacity of 340mAh.  It will take about two hours to charge from 0 to 100%.  If you are a heavy user,  then you will not be able to use this device for more than one day. However, if you are an average user you can use it for about two days (based on my experience).

Swipes can be done in all directions (up, down, left, or right).  Based on the direction it shows the notifications or menu items.  Also, you can answer phone calls using this smartwatch (with the help of the microphone and the small speaker).

Last but not least I would like to pay attention to the fitness and health tracking options available in this device. It has different modes for different kinds of fitness activities such as walking, running, or swimming. In addition to that, it has a stress tracker and it will give you information about your stress level and some tips to reduce the stress level based on your heart rate.

Personally, I see this device as an “all-rounder”  because it is a perfect combination of a fitness tracker and smartwatch. 

Now I have given you my opinion about this device. I would like to hear what you have to say. Please put a comment below and let me know your thoughts.


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