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iPhone 12 vs 12 Pro – My Verdict

This post is for Apple iPhone fans. Today I am going to compare and contrast iPhone 12 with iPhone 12 Pro.

For me, the first experience was almost the same (I am talking about the look and feel). When I placed devices on top of each other I could see that the thickness, flat design,  button placement, charging port placement were identical.

However, iPhone 12 Pro is slightly heavier than the iPhone 12 (without phone cover). This is due to the difference in the material used when building the phone. the iPhone 12 is made of an aluminum body while the iPhone 12 Pro is made using stainless steel. This is the reason behind the difference in weight between these two devices. If you observe the ages of the devices you will be clearly able to see this difference.

In both devices, the front glass is made of a ceramic shield. The back is also made of a glass panel.

Both phones are water and dust resistant. The display size same (both have 6.1 inches, Super Retina XDR OLED display). Resolution and pixel density values are also the same (1170 x 2532 resolution and 460 pixels per inch density). Truetone display is included in both devices.

I was able to not is a slight difference in the brightness of these devices. In iPhone 12 the brightness level is slightly limited compared to the other device (iPhone 12 Pro). You can change the brightness difference in the below image.

Because of this, the display performance of the iPhone 12 Pro is comparatively better when using the phone outdoor.

Apple A14 Bionic chip is included in both phones. But the capacity of the RAM is different (Apple iPhone 12 contains 4GB RAM and the Apple iPhone 12 Pro has a RAM of 6GB). In my opinion, these differences are the cause of the performance improvement found in the iPhone 12 Pro.

As we know Apple iPhones do not support embedding memory cards into the device. If you are concerned about the internal storage of these two devices and demand more storage you should go for the Apple iPhone 12 Pro.  Apple iPhone 12 comes with either 64 GB, 128 GB, or 256 GB. On the other hand, Apple iPhone 12 Pro comes with  128 GB,256 GB, or 512 GB  internal storage capacity.

I have been using these two devices for a couple of weeks.  based on my experience the battery life of the Apple iPhone 12 is better than the other device. There are two main reasons for this behavior.  The first reason is the brightness difference (iPhone 12 is less bright than the iPhone 12 Pro). The other is the high resource usage of Apple iPhone 12 Pro (RAM, display, camera performance).

Now let’s pay attention to the camera setup of these devices. By looking at that camera setup you can identify each device.

When it comes to iPhone 12, you will a dual-camera setup (12 MP  wide lens and a 12MP Ultra-wide lens). But in iPhone 12 Pro you will find another telephoto lens (12MP) in addition to the wide and Ultra-wide lenses. All these are 12MP cameras.

A LiDAR sensor can be found in the iPhone 12 pro only. This sensor is useful when capturing night mode photos. Also, it helps to produce good AR capability.

If you are planning to capture photos and high-quality videos then the recommended device is the Apple iPhone 12 Pro because of the advancements found in the camera setup.

Both devices support wireless charging. The battery capacity is also the same (Li-Ion 2815 mAh, non-removable battery).  Face ID facility is also included in both devices.

Now I have given you my opinion. It’s time to speak up your mind. Which device do you prefer? Let me know in the comment section below.


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