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Huawei Nova 7i or Huawei 5T : Which One Should You Choose?

Hello, Huwaei fans! Today’s post is just for you. I am going to compare and contrast two mid-range Huawei devices and help you decide which one to buy (based on my experience).

Now let’s compare Huawei Nova 7i with Huawei Nova  5T.

Huawei Nova 7i is slightly bigger than Huawei 5T (based on the look and feel). The front side of both these devices is made of glass. The back case is plastic. I was able to note special features in the Nova 5T device. It is an aluminum frame. I believe this will provide better protection for the mobile phone.

By looking at the cameras these two devices can be identified easily. Both devices have a quad camera setup but in the 5T device, three camera lenses are aligned in a vertical line along with the flasher. The fourth camera is located on the side.

In nova 7i, all the camera lenses are included inside a single square and the flashlight is located outside that square.

You can see the difference in the below image.

The back of the 5T device is completely flat. On the other hand, the Nova 7i has a curvy design (back edges).

The volume rocker and the power button is located at the edge of the right side. The power button acts as the fingerprint scanner as well.

The SIM tray has room for two nano SIMs. However, a memory card can be used only with the Huawei Nova 7i (in that case the same tray will contain a Nano Sim and the memory card). The other device (Huawei Nova  5T) does not support to have a memory card (only 2 SIM cards). 

Now let’s have a look at the bottom edge of the devices. You can find the charging port (USB type C),  the main speaker, and the microphone there.  A 3.5mm headphone jack can be found in only Huawei Nova 7i. 

If you look at the screens of these two devices you will be able to see almost identical screens. 

See the image below.

The selfie camera of Nova 5T and Nova 7i is 32MP and 16MP respectively. The selfie camera is located towards the top left corner of the device. I was not able to see any significant difference between the color tone, brightness, contrast color accuracy of the two displays (IPS LCD screen). The screen sizes are 6.26 inches, 6.4 inches in Nova 5T and Nova 7i respectively.

The screen resolution of Nova 5T is 1080 x 2340 (412-pixel density) while the screen resolution of Nova 7i is 1080 x 2310 pixels (398-pixel density). Based on my observation, I was not able to see a significant difference in the display output (even though these values are slightly different).

Gorilla Glass protection can be only found in the Nova 7i. When it comes to Nova 5T, there is a scratch protector screen made by Huwaei.

In addition to the fingerprint scanner, both phones support face ID as a biometric authentication system. By default Nova 5T comes with Android 9 while Nova 7i is shipped with Android 10. Even though the operating system version is different, the user experience and the graphical user interface is almost the same because of the EMUI 10.

Now here is a critical factor you shouldn’t ignore. The Nova 5T device has support for Google Play Store and Huwaei App gallery. However, the Nova 7i does not support Google Play Store.

Nova 5T device powered with Kirin 980 chipset while the Nova 7i has a Kirin 810 chipset. Both devices have the same internal storage capacity (128 GB). The Nova 5T comes with either 6GB or 8GB RAM. The Nova 7i has 8GB RAM.

When talking about the battery capacity, the Nova 5T has a 3750 mAh battery, and in Nova 7i you will be able to find a 4200 mAh battery. I did a small experiment to find out the charging time. In about 30 minutes, Nova 5T showed a battery capacity of 50% charge while the Nova 7i showed a 70% charge. I begin this small experiment after the battery reached 0%. I believe this happens due to the improved fast charging capability of the Nova 7i.

Both devices are powered with a Quad camera setup. Nova 5T has a 48 MP (wide angle) lens, a 16 MP (ultra wide-angle) lens, a 2 MP (micro) lens, and a 2 MP (depth sense) lens. When it comes to the Nova 7i, you will only notice the difference in the ultra-wide lens (it is 8MP in Nova 7i). Other lenses are the same. If you are not heavily using your smartphone to take photographs then both these devices produce images of good quality.

Now I have given the bits and pieces about these two devices. It is time to make a decision.

What do you prefer? The comment section is yours!


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