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Comparing Two Entry-Level Smartphones – Huawei Y5P vs Huawei Y6P

Today I am going to review two Huawei entry-level smartphones. Those are Huawei Y5P and Huawei Y6P. If you are looking for a low budget phone I believe this blog post will help you to compare and contrast their formation devices. 

Let’s dive in!

First of all, let’s talk about the size of these two devices. Based on my experience the Y5P  device is comfortable to hold because it is slightly smaller than the Y6P device. Also, the Y6P  device is slightly heavier than the other one (Y5P).

If you prefer to have a bigger screen then you should go for the Y6P device.

The price difference between the two devices is about 50 USD (in Sri Lanka).

When we pay attention to the display, the Huawei Y5P has a 5.45-inch display. The screen of the Huawei Y6P is 6.3 inches.

You will be able to find a notch at the top of the Y6P device.

The selfie camera is located at the notch of Y6P. However the Y5P  does not have a notch, hence the viewing experience is better in Huawei Y6P (the chin of the Y5P  occupies a considerable amount of space towards the edge of the device).

Both phones have HD+ resolution screen (1440×720 in Y5P and 1600×720 in Y6P). As you can see the difference is at the height (1600 and 1440). 

The same screen technology is used in both devices, it is called the TFT LCD(IPS) technology. The pixel density value of the Y5P and Y6P are 295 and 278 respectively. Personally, I didn’t notice any significant quality difference in the displays (brightness, contrast, or color accuracy).

Next, I would like to explain the placement of ports in these devices. In the Y5P,  you can find the  3.5 mm headphone jack at the top, but in Y6P, it can be found at the bottom of the device (near the microphone).

If you observe the topmost edge of the Y6P, you will be able to find the noise cancellation microphone there. But in the other device, there’s no such microphone for noise cancellation. The main microphone can be found at the bottom-most edge of both devices. Charging adaptor should be connected to the micro USB port which can be found at the bottom of the device.

Another difference was noted when it comes to the position of the main speaker grill. In the Y5P, this is located near the earpiece.  But in the other device (which is Y6P), it can be found at the bottom.

Same specifications can be found when it comes to the processor and the GPU of both devices (GPU = PowerVR GE8320, Chipset = Mediatek MT6762R Helio P22, and Octa-core processor).  If you only consider these aspects,  both devices should perform equally. However, due to the difference in the capacity of the RAM,  I felt that the overall performance of the Y6P is better. (the Y5P comes with 2GB RAM but the Y6P comes with either 3GB RAM or 4GB RAM).  If you are a heavy application user and want to do multitasking with your smartphone, then it is recommended to go for the Y6P device. 

I don’t see any significant advantage from the internal storage capacity of these two devices. The reason is both devices offer the capability to plug an external memory card and extend the storage capacity.  The SIM tray has 3 slots – 2 slots for the nano-SIM cards and 1 slot for the memory card).

Now let’s pay attention to the camera of these devices. The selfie camera of the Y5P is of 5MP and the Y6P has a 6MP selfie camera.

Two biometric authentication mechanisms can be found in the Y6P device (fingerprint scanner and face ID). However when it comes to Y5P, we don’t find a fingerprint scanner but with the help of some software applications, we can have the face ID in the Y5P device.

Let’s move to the main camera of these two devices. An 8 MP camera is included as the main camera of the Y5P device (single-camera setup). In the Y6P device, you will find that triple camera setup (13MP, 5MP, and 2MP). What does this mean? If you want to capture good quality photographs you should go for the Y6P (from these two devices).

The Y5P is powered with a 3020mAh battery while a 5000 mAh battery was found in the Y6P. Even though there is a significant difference between the capacity of the batteries I didn’t notice any substantial difference when it comes to the usage time. This can be due to the high resource (RAM, display) usage of the Y6P. Based on my experience both these devices can be used for around 1.5 days.

If you are purchasing a phone for day to day regular use and if you don’t demand any powerful features then the Y5P is a good choice. If you have a little more budget and need to do some multitasking with your smartphone then, you should go for the Y6P.

So what is your choice? Which device do you prefer? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below. Also, I invite you to read some other articles on my blog.


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