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Comparing Realme C11 With Realme C12: My Experience

In today’s post, I am going to compare two “Realme” devices. Those are Realme C11 and Realme C12.

I hope to do this by comparing some of the technical details and share my experience with you.

First, I’m going to take the Realme C11. When you look at the box, you’ll notice that it says the device is powered by a 5000mAh battery. It has a 13MP main camera (with a 2MP depth cam). This is mentioned at the back of the box as “13MP AI dual camera”.

If we look at the appearance of the device, we can see that the screen is 6.5 inches (diagonal). I got my device in mint green color. In the box, you can see the charging adapter, a charging cable, SIM removal tool, and the user manual. The corners of the device are slightly curved. Also, you can see a thin aluminum frame around the device. The volume (up/down) button and the power button is located to the right side of the device. The SIM tray is located on the left side. At the bottom, you can find the main speaker, microphone, charging port (micro USB), and 3.5 headphone jack.

Realme C11 supports to have two nano SIMs and a micro SD card at the same time. For me, the internal storage of the device is sufficient because I can insert a micro SD card to save additional files I have.

Since the device has a MediaTek Helio G35 chipset and an Octa-core processor, I was able to play many of my favorite games on this device. Some games like “Call of Duty (mobile)” took a few seconds to load, but after loading the game, the experience was smooth. 

The photo quality is acceptable for normal use such as social media posting. Based on my personal experience, I might look for another camera if I wanted to capture photos with more details. The performance of the selfie camera is also the same (the 5MP front camera). 1080p videos can be recorded at an acceptable quality for day-to-day use.

As per my observation, this device is a very good choice as an entry-level smartphone as it has a widescreen, powerful battery, and premium appearance. However, not having a fingerprint sensor is a negative point which I noted.

Okay, now I would like to discuss the other device: Realme C12.

The main difference between Realme C11 and Realme C12 can be summarized as follows.

The Realme C12 has more battery capacity (6000 mAh) than Realme C11. due to this reason, the Realme C12 supports reverse charging functionality so I was able to use it as an “emergency power bank”.

Using the fingerprint sensor of Realme C12 is really convenient for me when unlocking the phone compared to Realme C11 (Realme C11 does not have a fingerprint sensor).

In Realme C12, there is a triple camera setup (back camera). Hence it can produce a bit more enhanced images than Realme C11.

Since both phones are entry-level smartphones, I personally like the Realme C12 (even though it is a bit expensive than the Realme C11), as it offers me some additional functionalities mentioned above.

Now I would like to hear about your choice. Which device do you prefer? The comment section is for you!


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